Dec 31 2010

Ruby Red Remixed

The next major release of Leonardo, Glowing Green, is still a work in progress. However, we didn’t want you to have to wait until 2011 for some cool new stuff. So for New Years Eve we’ve got a new release called Ruby Red Remixed with some great new features and tons of bug fixes.

New Features

Just a few of the great new features and bug fixes in Ruby Red Remixed.

Infinite Canvas: The canvas will automatically grow as you add new objects to your drawing, even if they are beyond the edges of the document. Never run out of space again.

Draggable guidelines: create guidelines by dragging them out from the ruler. Objects will snap to them automatically.

Flickr upload support: Now you can upload your creations directly to Flickr as well as Twitter.

Improved SVG Import: Lots of Illustrator symbols can be imported now by exporting them as SVG from Illustrator.

New Rectangle UI: set rectangle corner radius and gradients directly with handles instead of with a palette. Much easier to use.


Improved translations, including Japanese. Edit or create new translations easily using the debug menu in the preferences.


Make stars using the NGon tool Create stars and N-sided polygons with handles.

New group UI New alignment and union/subtraction/intersection buttons show up in the palette whenever you select multiple shapes.


download here

Other Improvements

  • (Mac only) .LEOZ file association. Open files by double clicking on them, or drag to the dock icon in the Finder
  • collapsible sidebar
  • improved rendering of onscreen graphics when zoomed in
  • set a preferred locale to override the default
  • actions which only work on multiple nodes will now only be enabled when you actually have multiple nodes selected
  • let you clear the Flickr cache from the preferences
  • improved look of the rulers
  • fixed tons of bugs