The Future Of The Taxi Industry

The evolution of transportation is changing all across the world. Traditional forms of transportation are being invaded with the rise of new technologies. The taxi industry has been threatened by the likes of Uber and Lyft. Ridesharing companies are taking a bite out of the taxi industry’s profits. Scooter companies are popping up all over […]

3 Tips to Apply Lipstick like a Boss

  You’re a person of great power and influence, so how much can just a little tube of pigments, oil and waxes transform you? In many exchanges, appearances can be a vital factor that can tip the scales in your favor or be the lynchpin that brings about failure. While you can buy lipstick anywhere […]

Why You Should Prepare Soda At Home

Why You Should Prepare Soda At Home

If you ask many people where they get soda whenever they feel thirsty, most of them will tell that they will head to the nearest store and get one. You do not have to go that route as you can make your soda at home and still get all the benefits. You might start claiming […]