There is a time when video gaming meant much more than it does now. During those years of early development, choices were limited and the technical limitations were many. But it is those days of simple commands, easy controls and captivating story lines that we miss the most. Retro gaming is a nostalgic affair; it will flood you with childhood memories. Here are 5 reasons why you should take up retro gaming.

1. There was more imagination

Those who experienced gaming in the yesteryears swear that more imagination and creativity went into the creation of those games. Developers had nothing like lifelike graphics and surround sound to hide behind. There had to be a storyline, and memorable heroes and villains despite the technical limitations that existed. Remember Mario?

2. You get the same faithful game as always

How many times have you been required by Xbox 360 or another console to download an update so that you can be able to play your game? Sometimes you will be taken through megabytes of downloads to “patch” your game and in the end, it just won’t play. Such waste! With Retro gaming, you never have to go through such harrowing experiences. Dust off your treasured game and it plays in an instant. No questions, same old game.

3. Your game starts instantly

With modern games, you have sit through minutes of video introductions, wade through countless settings, wait for loading and more loading. By the time you are set to begin, you could have gone to Zootopia and back.  Remember clone wars? No gimmicks, no time wasting. Action begins even before you have your hands on the pad. After a hard day, you are all set for a major evening unwinding with your favorite video game.  The ROM labors. You wait in anticipation and then an error message appears on your big screen TV.  That you will be angry is an understatement. CDs aren’t too hard to scratch or break.  Sega Genesis or Super Nintendo or other cartilage based systems were very robust. Your game would play anytime, all the time.

4. There’s a big thrill with winning

With modern gaming, you can save every small step you take so if you die, you don’t have to go back. In those days, those options weren’t too many. Lives were limited and only one mistake could send you back to the drawing board. It was such thrill that made these games so captivating. So tension packed. And when you finally won, it was a big achievement. You could almost get a trophy for it. Today, everybody can win. Nobody even notices when you do.

Gaming in those years of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s was a special experience. But all is not lost, Retro gaming is alive and well and you can almost relive those special moments. Thanks to websites like Retro Pool, you can be able to choose the best retro gaming solutions.