A seltzer carbonated water maker uses no electricity popular platform or battery and is about the size of an average coffee maker. It works with the help of a CO2 canister that is placed at the back of the machine.

If you are looking for a carbonated water maker, you should rely on top companies like Soda Serve. They are the most preferred sellers of the carbonated water maker, offering quality product at affordable rates.

Reasons why you should purchase a carbonated water maker

  • Control over the fizz.

The most important benefit that you get is the control over fizziness. People generally prefer different fizziness. Some prefer gentle while others like to have lots of bubbles. It would take 2-3 button presses only so as to fully carbonate one litre of water.

  • Healthy drink.

With the help of a carbonated water maker, you not only control the fizziness, but also the ingredients. You can also try some of the new flavours with tea bags, ginger or anything else. You can also control water source. You can choose the chilled water from the water filter or just the ordinary tap water.

  • Environment friendly.

The most important part of owning your own home seltzer water maker is that they are environment friendly. These machines include reusable soda bottles that are generally good for more than three years. Reusing the same soda bottles instead of disposing them can greatly decrease the plastic water bottle waste.

Secondly, it can help you to decrease your carbon footprint. You need not pay to the manufacturer, if you have your own machine at your home.

  • Unlimited seltzer water, carbonated water and club soda.

The machine can produce unlimited amount of seltzer water and carbonated water. You don’t need to run to store, so as to purchase more soda, if you run out of soda at cocktail or birthday party as it would take only few seconds to produce more.


A carbonated water maker can help you to reduce the cost by saving a lot of your money.