Many people are preferring electric toothbrushes, so as to keep their teeths bright and clean. Dentists recommend using electronic toothbrushes as the best means to keep your teeth free from the plaque as well as its damaging effects.

Simply purchasing an electronic toothbrush cannot give you the results. You need to brush at least twice a day, use proper brushing technique as well as you need to take minimum of two minutes of your day for your brushing your teeth.

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Electronic toothbrushes are available with various features like special modes for the gum massage, sensitive teeth and the whitening. They can come with features like the pressure sensors, which can help you to know when brushing too hard.

They are generally packed with some extras like travel charges and the toothbrush holders. The heads of these brushes can come in various sizes and shapes and hence, work differently. They may vibrate, oscillate, use sonic technology or rotate.

Benefits of an Electric toothbrush.

  • The cleaning ability.

They generally have more cleaning ability than the manual brushes. They can remove the plaque faster and better, as they have the electric version of the whirring bristles. Their advanced designs can easily clean the hard-to-clean areas such as the gum line and back of the molars, and hence can prevent the gingivitis and cavities.

  • Prevent you from brushing too hard.

You can injure your gums by brushing too hard, which you often do so, as to get nice and clean teeth. It often causes gum recession. It can remove the tooth surface or enamel from tooth, which can cause the sensitivity to heat, cold and the other stimuli.

With the help of the electronic toothbrush, it is totally impossible to brush too hard. An electronic toothbrush does not let you be so harsh on your teeth. It’s moving bristles do all the brushing over the different parts of mouth.

Some of the models of the electronic toothbrush have the sensors that can automatically decrease the power, if at some point you apply too much pressure. It is the best option if you usually use too much pressure while brushing.


Electronic toothbrushes usually help people who are facing the dexterity issues. They have large handles, through which you can easily hold it. You need to consider many factors before purchasing your own electronic toothbrush.