If you have hardwood floors in your house and you are going to purchase a vacuum cleaner for cleaning your floor, then it is advised that you should buy the canister vacuum cleaner. Canister vacuum cleaner is advised just because it is considered very ideal for the hardwood floors.

Canister vacuum cleaner not only cleans the wood floor perfectly but it can also clean the couches, carpets, ceilings etc. very efficiently. So, you can say that canister vacuum is a multi functional cleaner that can prove to be very helpful as well as valuable. Best advantage of using these canister vacuums is that you can easily clean even those areas that are hard to reach.

About canister vacuum cleaners

Canister vacuum cleaners are specially built for the medium cleaning, but they can easily do heavy works. These cleaners are considered as very powerful like upright cleaners but they come with a thin body like stick cleaner. In this cleaner, some models have detachable canisters available so that you can easily place the cleaner as well as mobility becomes easier. In the market, some top rated canister vacuum for wood floors are available very easily and under your budget. So, when purchasing the canister vacuum keep in mind that you should buy the one that perfectly matches with your needs.

Factors to keep in mind while purchasing canister vacuum cleaner

Brush – when you have a hardwood floor then the very first problem that people generally face is that it can get the scratches. Floor generally obtains scratch from plastic brush that is why it is good if you avoid the use of plastic one and purchase the canister vacuum in which you get a rubber brush. Rubber brushes are very easy to use and perform its service very smoothly without providing scratch to floor. They also add to the performance of the cleaner.

Power setting – in many of the vacuum cleaners, you get only one power mode, but in a canister vacuum cleaner there are many models available where you get different modes of power settings. By adjusting the power, you can control the suction speed of the vacuum. Low suction speed not only reduces the noise but it also consumes very less power. So, it is always good if you purchase the vacuum cleaner in which you get different suction power.

Headlights – this is also one of the most valuable features that you should go for. These headlights are installed right up at the brush or hose. It provides enough light to the floor so that you can clearly see the dust and dirt particles in dark area.

Bagged or bag-less – both bagged as well as bag-less option has its own advantage. If you don’t want to touch the dirt and dust particles then bagged canister vacuum is the best option to go for while the only advantage of having bag-less vacuum is that there is no hassle of installing and the removing the bag. However, it is good if you go with the bagged vacuum cleaner.