Accessing data from mobile devices and other electronics has become so much easier. Technology takes all the credit for this and FlexiSPY is one of the leading ways to keep track of what people are doing with their smartphones, tablets and so forth. This software has grown in popularity over the past few years and now is the leading spy tool in the market. Check out the numerous FlexiSPY reviews available online and one will be tempted to make a purchase even if they do not really need it.

What exactly is FlexiSPY?

Well, not many people have heard of this software, unfortunately. At the most basic level it is software that is physically installed onto someone’s smartphone or internet-enabled tablet. Once it has been installed then one is in a position of monitoring the usage of the device with the aid of an online portal which is provided by the company. In other words, the installer can track the device remotely from whichever part of the world. All that is needed is a PC and a decent internet connection.

These are some of the features that many users of FlexiSPY love about it. The simplicity of installation is worth everyone’s while. There is no need of having some sophisticated knowledge in computer software so as to install it. In just three simple steps the system will be up and running. Take the phone, install the software and activate it then log onto the FlexiSPY portal and view the data on the phone.

What phones are supported?

A few years ago this software had a very unassuming look to it but now it really is turning heads. It supports practically all sorts of phones and electronic devices in the market. Whether the person is using a BlackBerry, iPhone or iPad, Nokia Symbian phones or Android- all of these are supported by FlexiSPY. The only thing that is important to remember is that the device must have a way of connecting onto the internet and the operating system being used should be supported.

Tracking Apple devices can be quite tricky because they have to be jailbroken first before this spy software program can be installed. However, once this necessity is met one can install the device onto just about any OS up to OS 8.1.X. The BlackBerry’s OS 7.1 is also supported as are the Android devices with version 5.0.1 lollipop.

Monitoring packages

There are two monitoring packages to select from: FlexiSPY Extreme and FlexiSPY Premium. The Extreme is just for that- extreme spying. It comes with all the bells and whistles that a spy would be looking for. Basically these packages cover all the everyday monitoring activities such as: GPS locations, Email, IM chat messengers, contacts, browsing history, bookmarks, call logs, social sites and so much more.

It is very evident why the FlexiSPY reviews praise this software program so much. It is the ultimate tool to use on phone use tracking. However, it comes with a disclaimer- if anyone is planning to use it for invasion of privacy then they should be ready to face the consequences alone if caught. Consultation with a lawyer to understand the legality of using the software is highly recommended but you can also find plenty of legal advice at one of their affiliates site’s: