The evolution of transportation is changing all across the world. Traditional forms of transportation are being invaded with the rise of new technologies. The taxi industry has been threatened by the likes of Uber and Lyft. Ridesharing companies are taking a bite out of the taxi industry’s profits. Scooter companies are popping up all over the place in big cities giving riders another option to choose over taxis. These new forms of technology have become sometimes more convenient and cheaper alternatives for riders. But the taxi industry is not ready to give up just yet.

The old school London Black Club is getting an upgrade. The TX eCity is a new version of the classic taxi. This electric car might give riders a different view on choosing taxi over more common or modern modes of transportation. The TX eCity was presented at the Great London Smog at Battersea Power Station. The electric car has all the conveniences and luxuries any passenger would expect. Air conditioning, phone charging and its even has wheelchair accessibility for passengers. All of these features prove this eco-friendly vehicle is not your old school taxi. The electric car has been certified to carry passengers now and just may become a popular mode of transportation for the people of London.

People are becoming more conscious of the environment around us. This type of taxi solves some issues people have with the emissions cars let out into the atmosphere. Carmakers are aiming to create more vehicles like this taxi that are safer for our environment. The TX eCity will be one of many types of vehicles that are created for transportation and for the betterment of our planet. This taxi may just become a staple for London. It may create a trend for other cities to enlist more taxis into their towns. This taxi shows proof that perhaps not all taxis are dying out due to the rise of ridesharing.

Perhaps the taxi industry will never be diminished due to the advancements in how taxis are being constructed and the features carmakers are putting inside of them. Regardless of what mode of transportation a passenger chooses, the passenger has many options today. Technology over time has allowed for modes of transportation to include vehicles, busses, trains and airplanes. This is the futureas technology progressively advances in the transportation industry by aiding so many people in reaching their destination.