With the increasing dental problems, the demand for good dentists is also increasing. Most of the times people visit general dentists for their teeth related problems. They are expert in family dental practice. They take proper care of the oral health of you and your family. General dentists take responsibility for treatment of several oral health problems to provide you good oral health. Whenever you need specialized dental treatment, you can contact general dentist and he will ensure your good oral health.

General dentists are highly trained and educated on every type of dental treatment and procedure. They provide different services like dental implants, cosmetic procedure, fillings, dentures, crowns and bridges, treatment of gum problems, oral surgery, mouth guard, nutrition counseling, partial dentures, root canal treatment, restorative care, sealants, tobacco cessation, and teeth cleaning.


Filling is a procedure by which lost tooth structure is restored with resin materials, porcelain or metal. Different types of materials are used for filling. You can discuss with your dentist for choosing the right option for you. Silver amalgam is a filling material that is used to repair the cavities. This material is also called silver filling. It contains a combination of mercury with tin, silver, copper, and zinc.


Crown/cap is the part of tooth above gum line which is covered by the enamel. An artificial cap made of metal or porcelain is cemented on the top of damaged tooth. Most of the people prefer porcelain because it is like the tooth color and it resembles with natural teeth. Crowns last for many years because they have high durability. But in future replacement of the crowns may be needed.


Dentures are a removable replacement for extracted and missing teeth that totally resemble your natural gums and teeth. There are two types of dentures, partial dentures and complete dentures. When some teeth are missing then partial dentures are provided and when all teeth are missing then complete denture is provided.

Dental implants

Other than partial and complete dentures, one more alternative is there to replace the missing teeth and that is dental implant. Implants are usually done to replace single missing teeth. It can also be done to replace several missing teeth.

Root canal

Root canal therapy is important when there is any type of infection in the tooth. Symptoms of tooth infection include pain while chewing or biting, hot cold sensitivity in tooth, discomfort and constant aching.


A white, thin resin substance is applied to the biting surface of teeth in order to prevent decay. Sealant is usually applied when permanent tooth comes in the child’s mouth. It is important to protect the teeth of children because children are usually less interested in brushing their teeth.