A few years ago you would have received sneers and jeers if you told businesspeople to go to Instagram to get customers and sell their products. This has changed, and now Instagram provides a platform that you can use as a measurable source for returns on investment.

Coupled with simple to use features and advanced analytics, you can now find and market your products to millions of buyers that can buy whatever you are offering.

The first issue that comes up when you start your marketing journey is that Instagram allows you only a single clickable link that you have to put in your bio – frustrating isn’t it? This means you have to rack your brains before you can decide which link to include in the bio. It also means that your links won’t have any links at all, which pushes you to create content that MUST connect with your followers. Anything less and you see your followers leave en masse.

For most businesses, the fact that growing the business can be very confusing and tough, which is why you need to find out what to do to get your business off its feet.

Don’t Be the Spammiest In Your Niche

When I started out selling on Instagram, I went after all and sundry, sending messages to any person that liked to follow my profile, posted day in and day out asking people to check out my products page.

My expectations were high, and I expected that after doing all that I would get thousands flocking to my fashion page.

I was very wrong.

The few followers I had amassed over a couple of months started leaving one by one, and soon I remained with just a few inactive followers who didn’t bother about the messages I was sending. This was when I realized I was spammy. One follower left a nasty comment on my posts, saying how I should move to spamland! I realized that there was more to posting than just throwing a few pictures on the newsfeed.

Are You Bold Enough

It stands to be seen that the brands that are bold enough to make a move are the ones that are making it on the market. Some of the small businesses that join Instagram cow at the prospect of experimenting with new ideas. What they do is to live in the shadows of their counterparts, trying strategy after strategy, most of which fail.

What you need a new business is to go all out and try all ways to get that customer. With the right strategy, and being bold to experiment, you end up with followers that even the big brands dream about. It is like dating the most beautiful woman on the planet, but fearing to pop the ultimate question.

Forgetting About Automation

If you work in a busy office environment, you know that automating the various processes is on the line, and it is something that is being embraced the world over. Why not automate your tasks on Instagram? Well, not all tasks but the ones that you feel might not work if left in your hands.

If you are too busy to handle these tasks, then it is time to automate them. The right tool allows you to sit back, create content, schedule it and leave the rest to the bot. What a joy! One of the top tools to get followers and grow your likes is Instamacro, which is reviewed on funiviamalcesine.com extensively.

In Closing

Make sure you go all out to get that extra customer when it comes to Instagram marketing. Don’t be a coward, because you will end up with little or no followers at all.