To cut the long story short, Instagram followers are very, very essential. In fact, they determine the amount of success you get with your marketing campaigns. In essence, this implies that you should get as many followers as you can. Here’s why.

They Increase the Level of Activity on your Account

One of the primary benefits of having many followers on Instagram is a better activity level. More specifically, there will be a lot more going on in your feed if you have 10,000 followers in comparison to an individual with 100 followers. Of course, with the numbers come more clicks, likes, comments and so on.

They Help Grow Your Presence

If you have many followers on Instagram, or your numbers are increasing day by day, you’re in what is known as the growth phase. Think of it as the development stage. In other words, you’re slowly but surely climbing the ladder of drawing attraction. And, your presence is valuable.

When you have lots of people following you, it means that what you say about a subject is crucial.  In fact, your audience starts to look up to you for direction when it comes to some issues. So, assume you’re promoting a product, say a beauty cream. Since you’re a figure of authority, you’re likely to make more sales in comparison to a fellow Instagrammer who is still struggling with exposing his or her brand.

They Help Build Your Reputation

When you have 700,000 people following you on Instagram, it means that you’re famous. By extension, you must maintain an excellent reputation with your audience.  So, make sure that you create time every day to comment on their posts, like their snaps and follow a few of them. The idea here is to develop a relationship based on respect with the goal of improving your business or brand’s reputation.

…buy followers; it’s okay to do so

There is no doubt that you require as many Instagram followers as you can possibly can get. However, accumulating a large crowd is not easy. It takes a lot of time and effort. But, as Fred Harrington points out, you can always buy real Instagram followers. That way, you can create the level of engagement you need to stand out. Besides, purchasing a few hundred or thousand followers will help draw the attention of potential followers. Put differently; it allows your audience to grow organically.