Instagram Growth Service vs Instagram Automation Bots

Growth services, bots for Instagram, dedicated managers, paid followers, automated likes, comments, views, you name it. There is not an awful lot of difference between the different type of services that are offered on the web and for good reason.

Instagram is currently battling all the bots that are for sale, purchasing them and doing everything they can to break them. Makes sense right? Fighting spam in the most aggressive way.

So what are those bot producers doing?

They are starting to pretend they offer growth services instead of a bot that automates everything on the fly, they even come with stories that they assign a dedicated amount manager which is probably no more than just someone from their support crew, not much of a manager that is.

But apparently, it’s necessary when Instagram puts a team on it to beat everyone that’s trying to beat them at their own game. Thinking about that I’m actually quite impressed by the efforts Instagram puts into it or maybe less impressed because their systems aren’t capable of automatically detecting all this spam.

If it is good for one thing it is to make the signals more natural. I call it signals because most of it isn’t real and you’ll probably have to try at least a handful of services to find the right one, and even then you are not entirely sure if this service will be able to keep providing the same quality as you expect because it is literally an ongoing battle without an end in sight.

I could recommend some Instagram growth services or bots in this very post but it would pretty much be a waste of time for above-mentioned reasons.

That having been said

A growth service should be more like a marketing service, while bot automation is just a matter of running an application, hitting the start button and the bot does the rest.

Easy right? Yep, it all sounds easy, till you start doing it and don’t accomplish much, but hey, it’s all part of the game. Simply get used to it!

If I was planning to grow my account I would use multiple options, I would let two bots run simultaneously while at the same time hire a growth service, and a VA (virtual assistant) to help me grow my account.

In addition to that I would opt for the natural way to grow my account, by simply engaging on Instagram and as long as you stick long enough to it something will definitely stick.