The city of Myrtle is amongst the top tourist destinations in the United States of America. The city is blessed with several exotic tourist spots that account for a major chunk of tourist arrivals in the state of South Carolina. The exotic beaches in the city are always crowded by the tourists and the night parties are quite appreciated by the tourists.

The mesmerizing view of the scenic beauty that the city offers dazzles the visitors and makes them come here again. There are several such attractions in the city that keep the tourists bound to the city. Here is a brief on some of the major tourist attractions in the city:

Speedway on Myrtle Beach:

Especially for the lovers of speed and thrill, the speedway offers them with an opportunity to showcase their talent. Visitors enjoy their time here riding their favorite sports cars on the beaches. The speedway on the beach was also used for NASCAR sprint series, but from 2000 onwards, the series has been discontinued. So, you are no more having the chance to watch the fast and furious racing action in the city.

Hollywood Wax Museum:

The city also holds a wax museum where you can visit the wax replicas of the famous Hollywood stars. The museum also showcases you with replicas of historic films and characters that have brought a revolution in the Hollywood. It is deemed as a very nice place especially for movie lovers who can witness all these statues.

Baseball Ground:

For the baseball lovers, the city is an ideal destination as they can visit the field located at Pelican Park which is one of the most iconic baseball stadiums in the United States of America. If you visit there in the month of February, you can also enjoy the league action in the beach field.

Cuisines in Myrtle:

Last but not the least, the one thing that is most enjoyed by the visitors in the Myrtle beach is the exotic and mouth-watering sea food that is served in the restaurants over there. From the crab leg to the ribs or the delicious variety of fishes from the salmon to the catfish, everything is served over there. These mouth-watering dishes make the visitors even lick their fingers while eating. Here is just a brief on the exotic seafood that you can enjoy in the Myrtle Beach:

  • Mahi Fish: Deemed as one of the tastiest fishes, the Mahi fish is one of the trademark dishes that are served in the restaurants across the Myrtle. It is highly acclaimed and appreciated by the tourists who come over to Myrtle for their vacations. The sea-side restaurant also offers you with some innovative dishes that have the Mahi fishes as the main ingredient. So, whenever you visit the Myrtle, you must have a bite of it.
  • Catfish: Catfish is popular seafood that you can easily find in the restaurants of the Myrtle Beach. The expert cooks in the Myrtle will provide you with such delicious catfish dishes that you will definitely remember for a long time. You can check-in to any of the restaurants in the city and ask for the menu. It will be filled with dishes comprising of catfish.