Our children are intuitionalists. They, unlike us, adults, still are able to listen to the organism. Reveal at night when it is hot to them; refuse from food when their temperature grows, and the most important, even, or, rather especially during mental activity – moving.

It is not so easy for modern children to listen to the instincts and requirements of the organism: we put them for school desks at six and we hold them continuously for forty minutes so there is very strong muscle tension of a neck and back, we don’t allow running even on recess! We “stuffed” our children with computers, TVs, and console.

So what turns out? The big flow of information leads to a big mental load, and an insufficient physical activity to pathologies, weak immunity and at least – weak muscles and rapid fatigability. Children have to move when it is necessary for them, – thereby they carry intuitively out prophylaxis of many illnesses.

To help the child grows healthy and organic, modern conscious parents began to think of purchase of a garden play sets. By the way, reviews of the best play sets available can be found at Swing Set Fun.

The huge massager and the exercise machine for a brain.

Knowledge of the world around of very small child happens by means of the movement, that is the complex provides to the child larger scale various tactile emotions, a variety of movements and exercises which in turn constantly supply a children’s brain with new information. Even the child taking the first steps with pleasure will begin to master.

Develops dexterity and force

Muscles of arms, shoulder girdle, breast, back, backbone and prelum abdominale will get stronger

Develops care and judiciousness

Being engaged with the kid on a sports complex, it is possible to teach him to jump off and fall correctly that in the future will reduce traumatism threat outdoors: the kid will learn to count the forces and will be careful.

Develops strategic thinking

The sports complex helps the child will learn to count the courses, to think over algorithms of the actions before it begins to carry out various movements on the complex

Always in time

The child will begin to use a complex as soon as to it is ready, – and it can occur long before he begins to attend kindergarten in which classes on such complex can be given in the schedule in general