Dogs are loving pets and there are millions of people who love to own dogs.  Though dogs are intelligent and brave animals but they need efficiency in order to maintain their intelligence. This is the reason why dog training is provided to all the breeds of dogs. Training helps them to be mannered and well behaved. There are a number of ways by which you can train your dog. The most common method of dog training is accessing the training by the professional dog trainer. They are experts who inculcate good habits in dogs and improve their behavior. But, many times, your trained dog will get impulsive and aggressive.  It becomes quite difficult to handle such aggressive dogs. In such case, you need help from the dog shock collars to make your dog quiet and composed.

Use of shock giving dog collars

Shock dog collars are ideally designed to stimulate shock in the body of your dog whenever your dog turns aggressive and keeps on barking without any reason. This is the best way to stop your dog from barking.  Dog collars are basically used as a part of behavior training for your dog so that your dog is in control. The website will help you to know about the top models of dog shock collars so that you can buy the best one for your dog.

Choose the best type of dog collar

There are so many types of dog collars which are available in the market.  Some work on the sensor while others are controlled with remote control.

Sensor based dog collars: Most of the electronic dog collars are available with a small box that has an attached sensor. When the sensor detects dog’s vocal cord vibrations, the attached transmitter conducts a small electric shock which is felt by the dog.  The intensity of shock is very low that it does not harm the dog in anyway but it improves its behavior instantly.

Remote controlled dog collars:  This type of dog collar is more efficient in controlling the behavior of your dog. In the sensor based collars sometimes, the sensor detects the sneezing vibrations or murmuring vibrations and transmits a shock which unnecessarily corrects your dog’s action. With the help of this type of dog controllers, you will be able to trigger the button whenever you need to control your dog. This type of dog collar is available in different ranged remote controls.

Dog collar with display

Top models of dog collars are available with LCD display to allow the pet owner to adjust the shock intensity. Lower intensities are set for pups while medium intensity is enough for adult dogs. If you feel that your dog is not getting calm even after shock stimulation, higher intensity shock can be given. Anti-bark collars are the right way to avoid inconvenience to your neighbors and guests who are not used to hear dog barks.