Instant setup characterizes this 8-person tent, making it ideal for large groups and emergency tent setup. The tent is designed in such a way that it keeps the occupants warm and safe. It is also spacious enough to allow you to perform several tasks without getting in each other’s way.  Therefore, if you are planning for a long weekend in the outdoors, this is the perfect tent for you for several reasons.

Heavy Duty Construction

This tent makes use of heavy-duty fabric to protect you and your colleagues from natural elements. The fabric is tear resistant and puncture-proof. It is also waterproof to make sure moisture doesn’t seep in, meaning you can stay protected even during heavy rain.

The fabric is held in place by strong poles that make sure the tent stays in place even during strong winds. The poles don’t rust, making them ideal for use in high humidity areas.

The design makes use or hidden stitches that make it water resistant. It also uses inverted seams that keep the floor dry all the time.

Excellent Ventilation

The tent comes with large windows that offer excellent ventilation for the occupants. The windows are also strategically placed to give you a 360-degree view. Additional roof vents make sure the inside of the tent remains cool at all times, making the tent suitable even for hot summer months.


The tents are large enough to hold eight people comfortably with room to spare. The extra room takes a kitchen and offers extra storage space. You can use removable partitions to separate the space into various rooms for enhanced privacy. The center height is high enough to allow the tallest person in the group to walk around without slouching.

Additionally, the design incorporates more than one door, making it easy for occupants to move in and out easily.

Quick Setup

The definitive feature of this tent is that you get to set it up within a few minutes. This is suitable when you hit bad weather when you are out camping. Setting up camp is easy, all you have to do is unfold it, extend the poles and you are done.


If you need an 8 person instant family tent, visit This tent is strong to withstand heavy winds and durable enough to last you several camping trips without fail. Spacious and well ventilated, these tents make sure you remain dry throughout your trip. You can separate the room for enhanced privacy.