From the branded saw to the miter saw, there is a plethora of saws available in the market.  Depending upon the type of work, you need to pick the right saw for making perfect cuts. Only selecting the right saw is not sufficient, you need to equip your saw with the right saw blade so that efficient cutting can be done. There are different types of saw blades for different types of saws. Sometimes it becomes difficult for the untrained or less trained wood worker to pick the right saw blade.

Type of saw blades

There are many different types of saw blades depending upon the shape and the grind of the teeth of the blade. Here are described few common types of saw blades which are available in the market. It is sure that reading further will help you in making right selection of the saw blade.

Rip cut blades

This type of blade is ideal for cutting with the wood grains and is identified by its fewer teeth about 40-156.  The teeth of this blade are designed to aggressively make the deeper cuts and offer chip removal which makes the cuts neat.

Crosscut blades

It is ideal for cutting the wood across the face of the board and has usually more number of blades. 40 to 80 teeth are there for making more sharp cuts. Teeth are separated by the smaller gullets.

Combination blade

It is the blade with the fusion of the above two mentioned blade types. With this type of blade, length and face of the board can be cut. Multiple groups of teeth are there in combination saw blades which are separated by deep gullets.

Continuous rim blade

This type of blade is also called as the diamond cut blade because it has a diamond edge. It is ideal for cutting dry things and does not work well with wet items for cutting. Sometimes, this type of blade is used for doing finishing work.

Turbo rim blade

It is the saw blade which has similar features to the continuous rim blade. It also has the diamond edge for making clean cuts but it is ideal for cutting hard substances like concrete, brick and mortar, stones etc.

Segmented blade

It is ideal for cutting the harder materials like concrete but makes the rough cuts. Although it has the diamond edge but there are deep gullets which appear like the segment on the blade rim. It is less efficient than the turbo rim blade.

Buying guide for the saw blade

Blades from different companies are made of different number of teeth thus check out the blade with desired number of teeth. Material of the saw blade is another important consideration for purchasing it. Thickness of the blade and radius should be in accordance so that it can easily fit in your saw machine.