School’s identification card, commonly called ID card, has a big role to play in every student’s life. From the beginning of the school year up to the final day of classes, students are required to get hold of this PVC-made card. The main purpose of having an ID, as the name suggests, is proper identification. But name and photo of the owner are not the only ones reflected in the ID, as it is also here where the class or batch number is indicated, the logo of the learning institution, the level and section of the student, and other relevant information related to the learning institution and the student that owns it.

The purposes of wearing an id in the school’s premises

In schools, students are not the only ones issued an ID. Employees, from faculty staff down to clerical personnel, must also wear their respective IDs when going inside the school’s premises. Serving as a company ID, the card indicates that they are formally working in the school and they are authorized to be in the company of students and render their specialized services. The ID issued by the school to its students and employees is also used in other areas. There are establishments that offer special discounts to students, provided that they show their student ID as an evidence of their status. School staff, on the other hand, may use their company ID when being asked for personal identification.

Take note that students and school staff are not the only ones that require wearing an ID. Visitors, in particular, cannot access the school grounds unless they have an authorization letter and the school’s Visitor ID. The Visitors ID is given to visitors once they surrender a valid ID to the security personnel. This process is done to determine the outsider’s identification, as well as to learn the purpose in visiting the school. In able to protect the students’ and employees’ welfare and safety, asking the visitors to surrender their ID in exchange for a Visitors ID is an absolute-must.

The constant use of ID in the school premises requires this card to be of top most quality for it to be able to last up to the last days of the school year. The department issuing the ID cards has to carefully and meticulously choose the ID-maker company that they will commission to supply ID cards to students and employees. Schools can rely on the high-grade materials used by reputable ID makers like Further, schools may also create their own ID using the website, thanks to its user-friendly functions and easy-to-comprehend instructions. The delivery of custom-made IDs is smooth and hassle-free as well.