Tips to Become a High-Reach Instagrammer

If you want your opinion count on Instagram, then you have to be different. You need to make people trust what you are saying and look up to you for advice and guidance within your industry. Here’s how to do it.

Get the Numbers Behind You

Start by creating an audience. Before you even embark on the journey to become an influencer, you must have the followers, right? Not to worry though; these days, you can buy Instagram followers and likes to trigger natural growth. At the same time, you ought to find a thing or two about the company selling you the followers and likes.

Vibbi, for instance, poses as service that can help you cement your popularity and credibility on Instagram. Reviews from customers, however, tell a different story. Visit find out more about Vibbi and why everyone is complaining about it. Don’t forget to check out highly regarded companies that’ll get the followers on your side.

Remain Consistent, But Offer Quality

As a rule of thumb, you have to post on a frequent basis to give your audience the reason to follow you. However, quality supersedes everything. In other words, you are better off taking the time to one great, highly engaging post instead of posting mediocre stuff on your feed a couple of times every day. At times, you can consider taking one or two days to curate a post, but when you finally put it up, the results are worth the effort.

Make Stories Your Strength

Statistics indicate that about 80% of influencers are using Instagram Stories. They ensure that you remain active even when you haven’t shared anything in days. Other than that, Stories allow you to share your personality in a way that creates deep connections with your audience. And, when people can relate to what you are sharing, they’ll have every reason to follow you and spread the word about your brand.

The Bottom Line

The secret to becoming a super Instagrammer is to ensure that you remain true to your voice. Everything that you post doesn’t have to be picture perfect. However, it must come across as thoughtful. Other than that, take full advance of tools such as location, linking, and tagging. Do all you can to create engagement with your followers because that’s what brings more exposure to your brand. On top of that, use live stories once in a while to boost your posts.