Having a treadmill in the home is an excellent investment for your health, but you need to make sure you get the right one for your needs. Before you decide whether you have the cash to splash on a new treadmill, you have to find out whether you have enough room for the treadmill in the home.

You Need Space

Before you even start comparing the different models from Treadmill Trends, you need to understand what kind of space you have in the home and whether it is enough to handle the treadmill. On average, a treadmill measures 64 inches by 28 inches, but these dimensions can vary significantly from small models that don’t take up so much space to huge treadmills that stand more than several feet high.

The room you have needs to accommodate the height, length, and width of the model. With these measurements, you can assess the size of the equipment that you will have in the home.

Utilize a Measuring Tape

After you determine the right space to hold the equipment, you need to leave some space for you to move around the treadmill, preferably 2 feet all around. Remember the location also has to be near a power outlet.

You also need to remember that you have to get the treadmill into the home. The treadmill initially comes unassembled and gets assembled on site. However, after the initial assembly, you might need to move the treadmill to another location, which means you need enough space to navigate around the items in the home.

The Running Deck

Many people use the standard running deck that gets installed at the start, but you need to understand that the running deck varies depending on your training objective. If you are using the treadmill for walking, the track needs to be at least 50” x 16”. On the other hand, if you are jogging or running, go for more striding room. Therefore a track measuring at least 55” x 20” can work correctly.

Final Consideration: What If You Have Limited Space?

If you have limited space yet you still wish to do some running, go for a compact treadmill. However, remember that these treadmills have shorter running platforms and also less powerful motors. You won’t have the freedom and flexibility you enjoy with standard treadmills. If you won’t be running or jogging and you are not so much heavy, then these machines are the best option.