Are you a meat lover? How do you like it? Do you like it minced or barbecued or chopped? Whatever your choice may be, a meat grinder in your kitchen would be of great use to you.

There are many types and several brands of meat grinders. If you are not able to decide which one will be best for you, you should visit

Before that you should have an idea on the various types of meat grinders available.

Types of meat grinders

  1. Manual meat grinder – How frequently do you grind meat? Is it only occasionally? If so, you can go for manual meat grinder. It is affordable and the least expensive of all types. You have two types to select from. One is bolt mounted meat grinder and the other is the clamp mounted meat grinder. Clamp mounted can be attached to all table tops whereas bolt mounted grinder is the best for the wood work table.
  2. Electric meat grinder – Do you grind meat frequently? If so, manual meat grinder may not be the best choice for you. You should go for electric meat grinder. Although, this type is costlier than manual ones, it is the best for grinding large quantities of meat and tough cuts of meat. This type of meat grinder is also called as a standalone meat grinder.

Meat grinder attachments

Are you planning to buy an electric meat grinder? If so, you should know about the optional attachments available. You can use this single cooking machine for several purposes. You can attach pasta makers, fruit slicers and sausage makers.

Before buying a meat grinder, you should make sure that it is made from good quality stainless steel to avoid the risk of rusting. Dish washer attachments are better if you want to avoid maintenance troubles.

Buy the right one after a thorough research and comparison of various brands and models.