Having everything perfect for your big day is kind of hard and, most of the times, there will be slight details that will go wrong and have you stressed. However, in the end only one thing matters – it is one of the happiest days of your life and you should feel perfect, regardless of everything else. And, in order for this to happen, you will only require a few items – a venue for the party, a decent menu, your dream gown and shoes, a good wedding singer and, on request, a groom too.

And, speaking of wedding singers, do you know how to choose yours? Below you will find a list of the things you must search for in a good wedding singer:

A professional website

Having a good website is sign that a particular singer knows how to promote himself and cares about his image and the way possible clients perceive him. A professional website can also indicate the fact that a particular wedding singer invests not only in his image, but also in his equipment and he provides professional services throughout the wedding. A good example is The Wedding Singer – James Barlow in the UK.

A wide repertory

A good wedding singer will know how to approach different music genres in order to please all guests. A wide repertory indicates the fact that your singer is familiar with this sort of venues and knows which the most popular song requests on a wedding are. Moreover, he is secure enough to be able to sing a wide array of songs, even though the requests are more unusual.


Your wedding singer should also be flexible enough to meet the requirements of his employers in every possible way. This means he should not only blend in the crowd, but also be able to satisfy the tastes of your wedding participants and try to please everybody. Moreover, he should also be open to price negotiations for special packages or to offer discounts if you are willing to hire him for the entire night and for the wedding breakfast or throughout the ceremony. Discuss with your singer, ask about his rates, ask about demos of his previous singings and establish a common ground.

Connection with the crowd

Ultimately, your wedding singer should be able to have a true connection with the crowd in order to create unique moments for your wedding. This means he should always be ready on time and choose the songs carefully in order to deliver emotions and a good vibe, but also be open to the crowd’s suggestions.